Thermal Insulation

Aero is a registered Energy service company (ESC) providing Energy Audit, Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency Services to industry and the Building sector, providing consultancy services in the areas of energy and utility system management, energy conservation and spreading awareness about energy efficiency through appropriate training modules. Aero Insulation has been designated by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) as an Energy Service Company (ESCO) qualified to for undertake projects su


Aero Insulation has developed the necessary infrastructure in terms of experienced professionals in various Sectors of industry, computerization, instrumentation support, inter/ intra industry exposure etc. to Provide services in the field of Energy Management Technology. Some of the specialized activities taken up by include the following:

Methodology Adopted during audit for achieving the desired objectives viz. Assessment of the Current operational status and Energy savings, include the following: Discussions with the concerned officials/ supervisors in the Complex for identification of major areas of focus and concurrently related systems A team of Certified Energy Auditors visited the complex to collect data/ information on the Load Distribution and Energy Consumption pattern. The data was analyzed to arrive at a base li
Combustion Analyzer KM-900 with inbuilt memory (150 set of readings) and programmable features; Dual Type Digital Temperature (°C/°F) Measuring Device with appropriate probes; Ultrasonic leak detector with transmitter to detect Steam/ Compressed Air Leakages; Hygrometer; Anemometer; Digital pen type TDS meter U Tube & Digital Manometers Infra red Temperature Measuring Device/ Indicator, Ultrasonic Flow meter
Electric Power Monitoring system for LT Supplies (3 phase 4 wire) & HT Supplies with Inbuilt Memory for time lapse recording, programmable CT & PT Ratio for varied applications; Tachometer for rpm measurements. Harmonic Analyzers; Sound Level Meter Insulation Tester Clamp on type Power Factor, Ampere, KVAR, Power and Lux Meters.