Building Insulation

Energy efficiency in buildings is achieved through a multi - pronged approach involving adoption of architectural principles responsive to the climate of the particular location by combining efficient insulation with robust structural design. Implementation of energy-efficiency in building systems is almost entirely dependent on effective Thermal Insulation of the building envelope. India is quite a challenge in this sense since there are as many as six major climate zones: Cold and sunny

Thermal insulation, by retarding heat flow, delivers the following benefits to a building enclosure:

Helps maintain temperatures as perceived by the occupant to be within his limits of tolerance. Reduces over-all cost of heating or cooling by cutting down energy consumption. Reduces capacity of capital equipment to be installed for HVAC duty by cutting heat loss or heat gain to be compensated. Keeps the temperature of the inner surfaces of buildings within acceptable limits to reduce possibility of their acting as “Radiators” causing added thermal discomfort in summer and possible conden

As can be appreciated, the most important single requirement is that the materials deployed in the insulation system should remain in place and continue performance of their assigned role over the expected life of the building. This stipulation would require that each material should be unaffected by exposure to the environmental media for the entire life span of a building.
Lloyd insulations offers a wide range of materials, each of them developed, tested and validated to deliver the best value to the end user. The ROCKLOYD range of bonded mineral wool combines excellent insulation value with total fire safety. Its fibrous matrix affords excellent acoustical and Noise control properties as well. It is offered in all possible forms - Slabs, flexible Mattress, performed Pipe Section or sprayable formulations. ISOLOYD NILFLAME, SUPERFOAM, LLOYD FOAM and SUPERTHE
Lloyd Insulations manufactures each of the above materials in a network of plants, located in different parts of India to service customer requirements promptly and economically. Each of the plants is equipped with relevant laboratory and testing facilities to assure quality at each step. Having met and exceeded specified requirements of some of the most demanding users and consultants, our products enjoy the benefit of acceptance by every leading specifier in the field. Our list of cli